Steam Generator TD16Steam Generator TD16 with OPT-100011 or OPT-100012



This steam generator is extremely fast with a continuous supply of steam

  • fully operational in 60 seconds
  • always ready to steam
  • continuous steam supply as long as needed
  • water level monitoring to prevent water shortage and dry run
  • simple to descale

This turbo steamer finds its optimal application in small to medium-sized wineries. It is used to the sterilization of sheet filters, candle filters and filling machines, to help clean and sterilizebarrels, wooden fermenters and tanks - , or to remove wine stone.





Power input: 16,5 kW
Max. steam output: 25 kg/h
Max. steam pressure: 2,5 bar
Min. water pressure: 2,5 bar
Connection: 3/N/P 400 V
Connecting cable: approx. 5 m.
Protection: 25 A
Connecting plug: CEE 5 pol. 32A
Length / Width / Height: 760mm x 345mm x 690mm
Weight: approx. 60kg



Variants and Options:


Item Number Designation
100-0001-1600 TD16
Special Versions / Options:
Option ID Designation
OPT-100002 Steam Generator TD16 with 3 x 230 V AC 50 A
OPT-100011 Timer 0 - 30 min
OPT-100012 Timer 0 - 120 min
OPT-100013 Timer 24h - 7 days





TD anschließen TD entkalken TD Fassdämpfen Bild 170613
How to set-up the steam generator How to clean an descale a steam gernerator How to steam a barrique barrel





Operating instructions TD multilingual





Steam Junction Box
Steam Junction Box DV-Y2 TD16          
DV-Y2 TD16          
Steam Hose
SVB Steam Hose SVB Steam Hose        
19 x 6 mm 25 x 7 mm        
Barrique barrel steam adapter
Barrique barrel steam adapter BFD20          

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